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Carlson & Work Attorneys
Carlson & Work
Emeryville, CA Family Attorney
Erin Levine - Levine Family Law Group

Carlson & Work – Reno, NV

Carlson & Work: Divorce Attorney in Reno, NV Going through a divorce can be unsettling. The process can feel overwhelming. You need an experienced Reno divorce attorney by your side. Carlson & Work has successfully tried hundreds of divorce cases in Washoe County. Our Reno Divorce Attorney, Reno Property Division Lawyer, Reno Child Custody Lawyer, […]

Levine Family Law Group – Emeryville, CA

Levine Family Law Group: Emeryville Divorce Attorneys Divorce is heartbreaking and can be financially troubling.  Emeryville divorce attorney by your side. One that will actually listen to your needs as a client. Levine Family Law Group has successfully helped thousands of clients divorce in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our Emeryville divorce lawyers are routinely […]

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Our comprehensive divorce law firms cover every aspect of marriage dissolution, including child custody, child support, and alimony/spousal support.

Each Family Law attorneys have particular expertise in asset division and property settlements, including business and large marital estate division, substantial assets, family businesses and business valuations.

As full-service family law firms, they also address estate planning issues that may arise following a divorce, and provide representation in post-divorce requests for modifications or enforcement of domestic relations orders.

They have the knowledge and experience to help ensure that all your family law needs are met now and into the future, and that no important issues are overlooked or mishandled. 

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